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About Cloaks

Cloaks have been around since the beginning of history. Cloak is a generic term for a simple piece of fabric that is draped around the shoulders to protect the wearer from the elements. The cloak can be long or stop around the knees. While similar in length, the cloak is different than a cape. The cape only covers the back of a wearer while the cloak encircles the wearer opening at the front or to the side.

Because of their simple style the type of cloak can differ greatly. Most cloaks attach at the shoulder or the neck using a pin or a tie. Cloaks may or may not have hoods but usually do not have sleeves.

Cloaks have changed throughout history due to changing styles of clothes and fabrics. While worn frequently before the invention of the coat and cloaks have been worn less in modern times.

Cloaks have also been featured prominently in the movies and books. In The Lord of the Rings, most of the characters wore a cloak of one type or another. The four hobbits of the fellowship were even given magical elven capes that would help conceal them.

One of the most famous cloak movies is the Star War series. George Lucas’s Jedi Knights and evil Sith Lords all wore cloaks. The Jedi Knights wore cloaks that were brown in color while the Sith usually wore cloaks of black.

The most famous cloak of books or movies is the Invisibility Cloak worn by a young wizard named Harry Potter. In the first book of the series Harry receives a Christmas present from an anonymous person. The gift was an invisibility cloak that was used by Harry’s father. In the movie, when Harry first puts on the cloak, only his head is visible. Throughout the series of the books and movies, Harry and his friends hide under the cloak rendering them completely invisible and sneak around the Hogwarts castle and grounds unnoticed.

Maybe inspired by the young wizard themselves, scientists are working on developing a real invisibility cloak. It's safe to say that the cloak has magnificent past and a long future in fashion, entertainment, and technology.

About Cloaks the Webcomic

Cloaks is an epic tale that started in 1993. I was collecting comics and I realized that I wanted to create my own comic book. I wanted to do something unique. I was walking late one night thinking about what I might draw. I was wearing a pullover jacket that had a large hood. As I walked I stared at the passing sidewalk. I wondered how cool it would look to create a character that wore a hood, but only the lower portion of his face was visible. I also wanted to create a unique fantasy tale. I was tired of reading and seeing wizards that were old and used the magic as their only means of offense and defense. I decided to create a tale of wizards who were warriors. They would be younger and powerful. That was pretty much how it started.

The tale has gone through many variations since then. This version captures all of what I wanted out of the story. It also captures what I have wanted out of comics that I have read. I am a fan of all sci-fi movies and books. I grew up reading every science fiction novel that I could find. That is why this tale of fantasy has elements of sci-fi. I hope that you will enjoy the story as it unfolds. One of my main complaints of mainstream comics in recent years is the lack of true story-telling. You are given character bios in one page. Story plot-lines are unfolded within one issue when it could be ten. That's why, I won't explain much of the plotline or give you information about characters. I hope the story creates a world where you can escape and have fun.

It's always important to know where your kids are going when they leave your house and especially when they are going online. This comic contains some violent elements but will not go above a PG-13 rating. However, there may be at times links on this site that go to sites with questionable material. Please be aware of where your children are going when surfing the web. Thanks.